Dedicated to producing capable horsepeople and quality all-around horses.

Our professionally trained staff will welcome you with a smile and share their equine expertise in a positive environment helping you BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE and improve the relationship you have with YOUR horse (or one of our school masters).  English and Western riding lessons and professional horse training available by experienced, certified professionals.    Click here Riding Lessons and Horse Training 

Riding Lessons & Horse Training

Children can learn all about the wonderful world of horses, including their care and basics of riding.  This is a GREAT alternative to day care centers and babysitters! 

Open to children in 1st grade thru high school. Children from ALL school districts are welcome. Arlington School District children can take the bus directly to the farm and parents can pick up as late as 7pm!  LIMITED SPACES.​  Available weekly, monthly or Sept-June. Contact us via our GET STARTED page to learn more.

Down the Trail or in the Show Ring,

Let us help YOU develop a harmonious partnership with horses.

Pony Parties

JL Performance Horses

Consults & Troubleshooting

Coming up with a creative and fun concept for a child’s birthday party is no easy task. Whether you are looking for a fun toddler birthday party, or planning something special for the bigger kid in your life, we offer the perfect party place to celebrate with children of every age.  JL Performance Horses caters to what kids love, while giving you peace of mind that your child is safe and secure, so everyone can enjoy the party. We have been recognized for our commitment to providing a safe, clean and eco-friendly place for guests.  Click here to learn more.   Used our GET STARTED page to reserve your date.

After School Horsemanship Program

We're here to help YOU and YOUR horse. We understand you love your horse and sometimes you just need a little insight, a few additional tools and push in the correct direction to overcome the 'issue'. 

Click here to let us know how we can help you & your horse